What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum?

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One of the most popular blockchain tokens in the cryptocurrency market is ether as it recorded a hit value of $16.34 billion. Such value cemented ether’s worth and was deemed as third renowned cryptocurrency next to bitcoin  and ripple with $92.50 billion and $29.35 billion respective market price. 

Ethereum Network’s integration of digital token to facilitate its system is viewed to be a critically acclaimed move as the ether becomes the power unit that takes charge in Ethereum Network’s entire system. With ethereum price hitting ceiling value, it is of no question that ether is a viable investment all because it is supported by various Fortune 500 firms and is utilized by numerous financial entities. Below are steps to help investors buy ethereum and make it part of their investment. 

 Choosing a trading platform

One of the most crucial things when it comes to cryptocurrency investment is the platform. The online world offers a large selection of exchanges that provide ethereum such as Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and Binance.

Note that cryptocurrency investment poses a high level of risk as it is decentralized. Inline, it can provide many opportunities much in the same manner that it can bring fraudulent interests. What one must do is a background check and in-depth analysis of exchanges, and this will help one buy ethereum conveniently. 

 Creating an official account

After choosing your preferred exchange, all is set to open up an account. Personal information such as name, address, and other prerequisites must be given out for identification and verification purposes. 

It is crucial to understand that the verification process is important for investors who want to buy ethereum. This process may come taxing as it will validate a person’s credibility. The majority of exchanges will ask you for additional supporting documents to assess whether your account complied with regulatory standards. 

 Depositing currency

The following step involves transferring currency to your opened account. In exchanges which offer fiat currency, transaction after data verification is of great efficiency as one can easily transfer money using debit cards or bank account.  Moreover, C2C deposit transaction is quite hard to execute as this type of mechanism requires encoded cryptocurrency to transfer and buy ethereum from network to another. 

 Starting trade 

After opening up a validated account complete with money, one is ready to buy ethereum or other cryptocurrencies of choice through the exchange. Every exchange platform is equipped with a dashboard and features that have a minimal difference from forex platform.. 

Withdrawing ether 

What is Ethereum?

After purchasing ethereum, one can access such and withdraw it through an ethereum wallet or bank account. Exchanges that allow fiat currencies in withdrawing ether are more efficient to use as it only requires several steps such as selling and transferring proceeds.