Wealth by Virtue

Wealth by Virtue

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Wealth by Virtue


The majority of people can collectively agree that the biggest fear is falling short of finances and money in times that we need them the most. Wealth, on the other hand, negates this fear. Through this book, one will be brought to a deeper understanding of how the financial world works. With six main pillars involving banking, investments, real estate, insurance, legal planning, and tax planning, one is guaranteed to acquire knowledge that helps manage personal funds and finances. The main objective of this book is to provide an education to determine and assess different financial structures, and how to optimally use them as guides for financial decision-making. 

This book provides a conceptual framework grounded by the idea of having a better financial future. Under the banking chapter, it discusses the dangers of inflation to finances and reasons why individuals fail to make it big with banks. Lessons on annual stock market performance and the importance of dividends are thoroughly presented going to investments. Stated in Real Estate chapter are the negative implications of using extra money as payment for housing and how real estate ventures may arm one from dangers of inflation. 

Similarly, the Insurance chapter provides an insightful discussion of insurance decisions and their relation to needs. Besides, one will be brought with lessons on how to determine whether one is capable of self-insurance or if long term care insurance is necessary. On the other hand, the Legal Planning chapter gives readers methods on how to assess whether to get a trust or a will all while discussing the dangers of putting a joint in accounts and properties. Lastly, this book offers methods on how to avail social security tax for free and the disadvantages of tax deferral under the Taxes chapter. 


Chard Gordon founded the company called GreenStar Advisor, wherein he sits as the current Chief Executive Officer. He provides professional advice for individuals, families, and couples for intelligent and favorable financial decisions through methods of planning and investment techniques. He made all these possible through his passion for conceptual framework important enough to come to a better financial decision.


  • Introduction
  • Blueprint 
  • Banking
  • The Time Value of Money
  • Investments
  • Optimism 
  • Real Estate 
  • Minimalism 
  • Insurance
  • Legal Planning
  • Tax Planning