Traders of the New Era

Traders of the New Era

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This expanded Edition of Traders of the New Era was infused with additional interviews, including The Home Run Swing Trader, The Futures Scalper, and the Futures and Options Veteran. Such is necessary to employ an authoritative guide that helps traders ace the highly complex area of trading.  It allocates lengthy discussions on crucial matters such as methodologies, techniques, and instruments crucial in fighting HFT. More so, recent developments in the trading industry were presented to aid traders on how to execute necessary trading methodologies. 

Stating the truth, the majority of traders fail, and this can be held true after the introduction of High-Frequency Trading and web markets. However, one question that needs an immediate answer is what traits are crucial in order for traders to make it big. The author addressed this with reinforcements from advanced traders and other financial experts. If you feel the need to switch to updated trading literature, then have a flip through pages equipped with strategies, techniques, and advice bound to make one successful in trading.

About the Author 

FERNANDO OLIVEIRA is a popular trader and regularly endeavors in gambling ventures, including poker and casinos. After this, he then put much of his time trading US stocks and futures. He possesses a diploma in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management. 

Table of Contents 

Foreword by Joel Elconin


  • Chapter 1- The Fundamentals of High Frequency Trading
  • Chapter 2- Gregg Siabicca: The Home Run Swing Trader
  • Chapter 3- Adam Whiting: The Futures Scalper
  • Chapter 4- Jim Cash: The Futures and Options Veteran 
  • Chapter 5- Flemming Kozok: The Big Bet Sniper
  • Chapter 6- Dennis Dick: The Base Hit Trader
  • Chapter 7- Jeffrey Goldman: Market Maker Turned Prop Firm Trader and Manager
  • Chapter 8- Eric Scott Hunsander: The Market Structure Expert
  • Chapter 9- Mitch Semon: The Veteran Stock Operator
  • Chapter 10- Wayne Kulcheski: The Trend Fighter
  • Chapter 11- Anonymous: The Former Winner
  • Chapter 12- Anonymous: The Secrecy of the Bot Destroyer 
  • Chapter 13- Atticus: The Options Expert
  • Chapter 14- The Trader ToolBox
  • Chapter 15- Additional Advice, Resources and Tips 
    • The Boost Your Discipline Mini-Course
  • Chapter 16- The Core Principles of Good Short-Term Trading