The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Living up to its name, Andrew Tobias’s “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” is a finance guide that had gathered an impressive following from Millions of American readers. This revised edition lets its readers in on tips potent in saving and spending money efficiently, given this era’s financial landscape.

The book had been around for almost 40 years and had never paled in relevance despite the expansive strides that the global market had made and how the nature of investment had evolved over time. The material capitalizes on the belief (which is supported by sound data) that one cannot simply build a portfolio without consciously saving money.

The book’s language is clear, concise, and witty, allowing what can potentially be a dry topic to adopt a more welcoming tone. The tips included here are practical and purposeful for savings, investments, and retirement, to mention a few.

Readers agree that the book had made unique changes in their lives, prompting them to share it with loved ones and friends. Readers have seen it practical as Mr. Tobias had alluded to everyday spending. Popular opinion declares that “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” is a must-read for the common Joe or Jane, who has yet to make a decision to engage in investing. 

About the Author

Andrew Tobias has authored numerous books in the course of his career. He is also a contributor to well-known publications such as Time, Esquire, New York, and Parade. He had already co-hosted the PBS series, “Beyond Wall Street.”

Table of Contents

The book is simply structured with these topics covered:



The Big Picture

Par One – Minimal Risk

  1. If I’m So Smart, How Come This Book Won’t Make You Rich?
  2. A Penny Saved Is Two Pennies Earned
  3. You CAN Get By on $165,000 a Year
  4. Trust No One
  5. The Case for Cowardice
  6. Tax Strategies

Part Two – The Stock Market

  1. Meanwhile, Down at the Track
  2. Choosing (to ignore) Your Broker
  3. Hot Tips, Inside Information – and Other Fine Points
  4. Kids, Spouse, Heirs, Folks
  5. What to Do If You Inherit a Million Dollars; What to Do Otherwise


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