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The Complete TurtleTrader

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Many were as confused as to what may be the outcome if an ordinary individual was taught to use a system capable of making exponential volumes. The Complete TurtleTrader is a testimony and a personal account of how the Wall Street Legend Richard Dennis and his apprentices, made it big in the financial industry using only their own formulated trading strategies. Through this narration, Richard Dennis exposed simple keys and strategies that made him the man of Wall Street. 

Believing that trading is a skill to be learned, he endeavored with his partner to launch a classified ad in the wall Street journal seeking newbies willing to be trained. After this, he gained several apprentices, more commonly known as the turtles. The turtles are a diverse group of individuals without financial and Wall Street history ranging from a casino-goer, a pianist, and a game developer. Within two weeks, Dennis administered education and knowledge transfer, conducted intensive lectures about investment principles and practices, and later onset them to start trading using his million-dollar allowance and the skills he imparted. As a result, Dennis profited an estimated amount of $100,000,000 from his turtles that made him the one-shot legend in Wall Street. 

The Complete TurtleTrader was written to narrate a moving story of ordinary turned into riches with few techniques applied. Much, this book was complete with personal interviews of the turtles that may serve as an inspiration for those who dream of achieving the same. Exposed in this book are the processes that Dennis utilized in apprentice selection, learning experiences with him, and the complete system that made him and the turtles successful. 

About the Author

Michael Covel is an esteemed author, professional entrepreneur, and a film director. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Government given by George Mason University. He then pursued Master studies and acquired a degree from Florida State University.  Back in 1996, he was one of the associates that established TurtleTrader, a site presently known as TrendFollowing, the primary aim of this site is to provide services for investors.

Table of Contents 





  • 1 Nurture versus Nature
  • 2 Prince of the Pit
  • 3 The Turtles 
  • 4 The Philosophy
  • 5 The Rules
  • 6 In the Womb
  • 7 Who Got What to Trade
  • 8 Game Over
  • 9 Out on Their Own
  • 10 Dennis Comes Back to the Game
  • 11 Seizing Opportunity
  • 12 Failure Is a Choice
  • 13 Second-Generation Turtles
  • 14 Model Greatness

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