The Commitments of Traders Bible

The Commitments of Traders Bible

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Review The Commitments of Traders Bible: How To Profit from Insider Market Intelligence 



This book, authored by a leading expert on examining Commitments of Traders data, shows the importance of the COT report in analyzing future market movements. This book demonstrates the predictive power of COT data and interpreting it on the reader’s analysis of the market. In this way, success in investing is achieved.

The COT report may be complex for some people, or that they have a hard time interpreting it. This book, in itself, evaluates how to interpret this data and turn it into an advantage in trading. It delves into the center of COT reports, which is the price movement and what causes it. It illustrates how to spot shifts in trend and the trading choices to do once this happens. Briese delves deep into the complexities of COT and trading itself, and explains it in a clear way, allowing readers to reap insight from the book.

About the Author

STEPHEN BRIESE is an expert on analyzing the data of Commitments of Traders as published by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. She is the publisher of the Bullish Review newsletter, which started in 1988. She wrote several articles for industry publications and spoke at various conferences. 

Table of Contents



Part One. Introduction

Chapter 1. The COT —Assorted History

Chapter 2. COT Reports —Counting 1, 2, 3 …

Chapter 3. Player Introductions

Chapter 4. Fading Small Speculators And Other Half-Baked Schemes

Chapter 5. Net Positions

Chapter 6. The COT Index

Chapter 7. COT Movement Index

Chapter 8. View From The Gallery

Chapter 9. View From The Pits

Chapter 10. Chart Pattern Validation

Chapter 11. Getting Technical

Part Two. Breaking Down The COT Report

Chapter 12. Crossing Currencies

Chapter 13. Taking Stock

Chapter 14. Test Of Metal

Chapter 15. Oil’s Slick

Chapter 16. Interest In Rates

Chapter 17. Bean Counting

Chapter 18. Moonlighting

Chapter 19. Seedless Oranges

Chapter 20. Now You CIT, Now You Don’t


Appendix A. Alternate Net Position Formulas

Appendix B. Dodging The Pitfalls In COT Data



About The Author