Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology: The Case of Reverse Securitisation  by ERIK HOFFMAN, URS MAGNUS STREWE, NICOLA BOSIA

Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology: The Case of Reverse Securitisation by ERIK HOFFMAN, URS MAGNUS STREWE, NICOLA BOSIA

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This book conducts analysis and more in-depth investigation about the function of blockchain technology, its relevance to supply chain finance programs, and how these two interact to provide an efficient and rapid cash flow throughout the supply chain. This book highlights blockchain technology opportunities and potential users to employ more effective financial solutions. 

Through the process of reverse factoring, identification of primary barriers, and definition of a probable blockchain model, it creates an overview of an overall blockchain function. This book utilizes a framework in implementing education and discussing the possible uses of the technology that are deemed to have a lasting effect on the Supply Chain Finance landscape. 

The rise of blockchain technology led IBM, Maersk, Bianrong, and Fnconn to develop a transparent system that runs through the use of such. This made information sharing less complex, all while increasing the level of security, efficiency, and accuracy. Through this guide, stakeholders may come to understand how to capitalize on this revolutionary technology and use its potential to their advantage. 

About the Authors

ERIK HOFFMAN- Presently, he spearheads operation and provides lectures as director and Senior Lecturer of Logistics Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He specializes in research concerning supply management, operations management, and other financial concerns.

URS MAGNUS STREWE- is an entrepreneur and a professional for technology-driven business models implementation for financial institutions. He holds the highest position at CRX Market, ensuring the service offering of the company.

NICOLA BOSIA- He acquired several degrees, including the Bachelor of Arts in Management from the University of Lausanne and Master of Arts in Accounting and Finance from the University of St. Gallen.


  1. Introduction- Why to Pay Attention on Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain of Finance?
  2. Background I- What is Buyer-Led Supply Chain Finance?
  3. Background II- What is Reverse Securitisation?
  4. Background III- What is Blockchain Technology?
  5. Concept- Where Are the Opportunities of Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Finance?
  6. Discussion- How Does the Full Potential of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Finance Look Like?
  7. Conclusion- What Can We Learn from Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Finance?