One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading   by Mike Bellafiore

One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading by Mike Bellafiore

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A handbook that will surely transform a mediocre trader to a thriving and empowered one, One Good Trade is ready to take traders to the high level of successful trading. 

The book will elevate your trading skills to the next level as it presents several principles and techniques in trading that will allow you to float and emerge on top of the market echelon. Specifically, the book banks on the following trading concepts:

  • skills needed to successful trading, as well as fundamentals of trading;
  • factors that determine profitable trading and how to consistently achieve it;
  • narratives of traders who became successful in trading, the reason behind their success, as well as the stories of those who failed and what went wrong; and
  • establishing a bankable trading principle that will fuel the trader to do more and trade profitably.

About the Author

Mike Bellafiore, a co-founder of one of the biggest proprietary trading firm established in New York, is a long-time trader and investor. His rich trading experience enabled him to write compelling trading books, which include One Good Trade. He is also a regular contributor to several publications and earned him special invitations in various trading conferences.

Table of Contents

The book contains the following contents: 

PART I Inside a Prop Trading Firm 

CHAPTER 1 These Guys Are Good 

CHAPTER 2 One Good Trade 

CHAPTER 3 A Good Fit 

PART II Tools of Success 

CHAPTER 4 Pyramid of Success 

CHAPTER 5 Why Traders Fail 

CHAPTER 6 Live to Play Another Day 

PART III Getting Technical 

CHAPTER 7 Stocks In Play 

CHAPTER 8 Reading the Tape 

CHAPTER 9 Maximizing Your Profits with Scoring 

PART IV The Trader’s Brain 

CHAPTER 10 Trader Education 

CHAPTER 11 The Best Teacher 

CHAPTER 12 Adapt to the Markets 

CHAPTER 13 The Successful Trader 


About the Author