MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance

MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance

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This book is considered one of the best valuation and finance books of all time, according to BookAuthority. 

Understanding Corporate Finance was written to explicitly narrate measures and strategies conducted by a company in order to arrive at a singular decision of what project is the most viable venture to pursue. Corporate Finance’s technicalities and complexities were presented in a comprehensive and simplified manner through the help of a general framework. Such a structure will render intensive education about how financial professionals assess and evaluate during the decision making with regard to necessary details for investment.

To mention, Corporate Finance hones a specific set of skills as this is a highly advanced endeavor. All of these skills are crucial to business operation and to our personal lives just when we are about a purchase, borrow finances, and resort to a large volume of purchases. In the same manner, it also provides fundamental and highly advantageous instruments helpful in buying, selling, and saving.

Through this guidebook, one will be given lectures on the value of money and how time affects finances, all while formulating tools adequate to resolve financial problems. In addition to this, one will be equipped with wisdom that guarantees positive outcomes derived from smart decisions. Going deeper, one will also be introduced to concepts of risks and returns and income-producing assets valuation. 

Sure that there’s too much mystification that company and assets valuation entails. Much of the posed questions include where to start and how to value a starting company that does not even rake revenue and profit yet. To arrive at an answer, this book will arm readers with enough confidence and adequate knowledge of finances. Through Corporate Finance’s tools, managers and businessmen will learn appropriate methods to effectively assess performances and make wise decisions about opportunity values and which is the most ideal to pursue. 

About the Author

John J. Cousins is the founding father of, an online forum with business education as the main subject of its thread. Formerly, he worked as the Chief executive officer of Biomoda, a biotechnology company that produces innovative cancer diagnostics. He was also the former CFO of several public firms within 15 years.  In addition to his pursuit, he dedicated years of service for academic ventures and taught business-related courses at numerous universities and colleges. 

Table of Contents 


  • Chapter 1- Ratio Analysis
  • Chapter 2- Time Value of Money
  • Chapter 3- Discount Cash Flows 
  • Chapter 4- Net Present Value
  • Chapter 5- Internal Rate of Return