Mastering Private Equity Set

Mastering Private Equity Set

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A set of 2 purposeful books on understanding Equity, the books, “Mastering Private Equity” and “Private Equity in Action” are pieces of financial literature written for and by industry professionals. 

Let us take a look at the focus of each book:

  1. Mastering Private Equity – this book provides a significant and timeless reference for financial professionals who are thinking about engaging with firms that delve in private equity or invest in private equity funds. The book is systematic literature that digs deep into the core concepts of private equity. The book goes at length to delineate the dynamics of venture capital, growth equity, and buyout transactions. 
  2. Private Equity in Action – is a walk through private equity investment through the wise employ of Case Studies by the faculty of the INSEAD. These studies are sampled throughout the best schools in the industry. A partner to “mastering Private Equity,” the book is a comprehensive guide into applying the pertinent concepts to investments and portfolio companies. A total of 19, the studies sampled herein are managerial challenges and risk-reward dynamics that are common to Private Equity.

Reviews agree that the works are unbiased, clear, and concise. And since these are meant for those who have been immersed in the industry, the content tends to be technical, but not technical to be accessed. The cases are still anchored in reality, making the discussion engaging and wholly relatable. 

About the Author

Claudia Zeisberger has put on a lot of faces within the run of her career: she is a Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise at INSEAD. At INSEAD, she teaches an elective on Risk management. She is also the founder and Academic Director of its Private Equity Centre (GPEI). Prior to her tenure at the institution, she had been in investment banking for 16 years in New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Singapore. Professor Zeisberger also launched the MBA elective called, “Managing Corporate Turnarounds” and has been nominated for the “Best Teaching Award” in her Private Equity elective.