Manual Of Trade Marks Practice

Manual Of Trade Marks Practice

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The HPS contractor is responsible for working with the CCE to resolve any discrepancies in a timely fashion. Each CCE educates its staff and network providers in WTC Health Program policies and procedures such as the proper completion of paperwork, limitations of coverage, protocol changes, and benefits counseling, and maintaining a complete Operations Manual to document them. CCE representatives participate in periodic meetings with the Program leadership, their associated data center, the HPS contractor, and other vendors, as required, to coordinate activities, address and resolve issues, and share information. B. With regard to the CCEs, the Program has the responsibility to certify conditions submitted by the CCEs, informing members of the acceptance or denial of coverage and ensuring WTC Health Program claims submitted by the CCEs and their external providers are paid. The Program also communicates regularly with the CCEs to clarify, modify, or establish WTC Health Program policies and procedures, and is responsible for oversight of CCE operations to determine if the CCEs are operating within the WTC Health Program regulations, guidelines, and contract requirements. Any expenses must be for the purpose of the member accessing medically necessary treatment from a CCE- or NPN-affiliated provider for a certified WTC-related health condition, or a health condition medically associated with a certified WTC-related health condition. B. Post-Hospital Extended Care Services Extended care services are considered post-hospital if initiated within 30 days following discharge.

E. Hospital Registration Procedures The hospital providing emergency services may follow reasonable registration procedures once the member has been screened and stabilized. Hospitals may ask members to complete financial responsibility forms upon registration. Such forms are common practice and are standard consent forms that are signed at the time of hospital registration. These forms may result in the member being responsible for payment for services not covered by WTC Health Program.

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Workers’ compensation is a required part of COB for responders and, in certain limited situations, survivors. Each CCE develops and implements procedures for providing services to its members. Pharmacy benefit plans have been implemented to improve oversight and minimize fraud, waste, and abuse. Working with its associated DC, each CCE reviews and transmits treatment data to the DC for use in WTC Health Program-related research. To ensure quality assurance, a representative sampling of 10 percent of all Pulmonary Function Testing results is sent to the WTC Health Program each month for review by the Medical Benefit Manager . This chapter is guided by Sections 3305 and 3305 of the PHS Act, which describe requirements for the contracts put in place with the CCEs, as well as various sections of 42 C.F.R. Part 88.

A complete listing of activities, descriptions of activities, number of actions, and evaluation of effectiveness of all Pharmacy Benefit Management services performed during the period and the associated cost for these services invoiced to the government. A complete listing of activities, descriptions of activities, number of actions, and evaluation of effectiveness of all Healthcare Provider Network services performed during the period and the associated cost for these services invoiced to the government.

Information on all applicants who are deemed eligible for membership in the Program is then sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to confirm, per the requirements of the Act, §§ 3311 and 3321, that they are not on the TWL. Once the applicant is cleared against the TWL, the Enrollment Operations Team is given the direction to officially enroll new members into the Program and the system is updated.

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The CCEs/NPN evaluate the circumstances surrounding the errors and proceed with the appropriate plan of correction. If errors continue to be repeated, or if the errors suggest potential fraud or a pattern of abuse, then more severe administrative action is initiated. The WTC Health Program meets with the clinical directors and administrators of the CCEs, DCs, and NPN on a regular basis to calibrate and clarify medical and administrative policies and procedures. Practice guidelines following principles of medical necessity and community standards of care are produced by the DCs in consultation with the CCEs and approved for implementation by the WTC Health Program.

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Claims submitted by the TPA are assumed authorized because of procedures established by the CCEs and the TPA ensuring claims are authorized before they are submitted to the program for payment. The CCE or NPN-affiliated network physician must provide a “plan of care” to the CCE/NPN Clinical Director for a Level 2 PA for home health services.64 a. Separate PAs Required for Each Episode of Care The CCE or NPN Clinical Director shall provide authorizations in 60-day episodes of care.

  • D. Section 3321 requires the Administrator of the WTC Health Program to establish a certification process for screening-eligible WTC survivors who are eligible for further monitoring and treatment after their initial screening exam.
  • The enrollment processor creates the Member Record and the Enrollment Record in the claims processing system.
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  • To initiate the secondary review process, the member must send a letter to the CCE/NPN Clinical Director, or designee, which clearly indicates his/her request to obtain secondary medical review.
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Prescriptions covered under the Program are issued in accordance with the WTC Health Program-approved pharmaceutical guidelines and the Program’s formulary. The Program uses Plexis Healthcare System’s Quantum Choice claims processing software to manage enrollee and provider information and to process claims. The claims processing function is scaled to the relatively small size of the WTC Health Program and is designed to quickly, efficiently, and accurately process claims submitted for payment, in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

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F. The pharmacy benefits manager receives claims from the pharmacies, applies adjudication rules according to standards developed by the WTC Health Program, and compiles and communicates payment and denial data. C. An individual may request the opportunity to make an oral statement to the Federal Official during the appeal review within the appeal request letter to the appeals coordinator. The individual may also request to make an oral statement within 14 calendar days of receiving the letter from the appeals coordinator notifying him/her that the appeal request was accepted. A. Within 14 days of receiving an appeal request, the appeals coordinator will notify the individual by letter whether the appeal request is accepted or not. If the appeal request is accepted, the letter will provide the individual with the name of the Federal Official who will review the appeal. If the appeal request is not accepted, the letter will inform the individual and provide the reason the appeal was not accepted. If the PA3 Request is approved, the PA3 information is entered into the claims processing system by the HPS contractor, linking the request and any supplemental information to the member record to permit payment.

These features may be used to control the display of search results on the results table, not the type of data retrieved by a search. For information on conducting searches in the ID Manual, see How to Conduct a Simple Search and How to Conduct an Advanced Search. An advanced search using the “Classic” search mode will retrieve search results using the Boolean Operators available when searching the legacy Trademark ID Manual.

Once all documents are received by the NPN and quality reviews are completed, the case manager conducts a thorough review of the exam findings and drafts a letter to the member informing him/her of the results and any referrals to the treatment program that stemmed from their exam. All exam results are sent no later than two weeks after the monitoring exam or health evaluation services have been completed. Exams The initial monitoring exam or health evaluation is consistent with those performed by the CCEs and includes a review of the completed MHQ, a general health assessment, vital signs assessment, spirometry testing, blood work, urine collection, and a chest X-ray. The follow-up monitoring exam, where appropriate for the type of member, includes the same components as the initial monitoring exam with the exception of the chest X-ray, which is performed every two years unless an increased frequency is clinically indicated.

The CCE/NPN may also need to request changes to covered health condition diagnostic and treatment codes. In both of these scenarios, the CCE/NPN Clinical Director may request coverage for the diagnosis, procedure, or medical product, or a change to the code, by properly completing and submitting a WTC-5 Medical Code Request Form (Appendix 5.2) to the WTC Health Program MBM via the Medical Code Request Process. The submission of this form triggers the process, which begins with a review of the request and a subsequent decision by the WTC Health Program MBM through the HPS. The WTC Health Program Codebook, Volume A lists the medical procedure codes approved for use within the Program, organized by benefit plan. The WTC Health Program Codebook, Volume A includes codes for office visits for evaluation and management, diagnostic and surgical procedures, laboratory and other medical testing and imaging studies, and durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies .

7 Payment For Healthcare Services

A complete listing of activities, descriptions of activities, number of actions, and evaluation of effectiveness of all Social Services Functions performed during the period and the associated cost for these services invoiced to the government. A complete listing of activities, descriptions of activities, number of actions, and evaluation of effectiveness of all Case Management services performed during the period and the associated cost for these services invoiced to the government.

The review will include consideration of the treatment recommendations made by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network . D. Section 3321 requires the Administrator of the WTC Health Program to establish a certification process for screening-eligible WTC survivors who are eligible for further monitoring and treatment after their initial screening exam. C. Eligibility for currently identified survivors (PHS Act, § 3321; 42 C.F.R. § 88.7).

B. The member must have tried at least two generic medications, including the substitutable FDA-approved generic medication, when available and based on criteria in the formulary, without a sufficient clinical response or have documented contraindications to the generic medications. Generic medications must be tried for a time period and dose that would be sufficient for a clinical response. The time period and dose may vary depending on the type of drug and condition treated. B. Evidence supporting that the use of the medication is medically necessary (i.e., clinical need for the drug) to manage, ameliorate, or cure the certified WTC-related health condition, or health condition medically associated with the WTC-related health condition. The CCEs, DCs, and NPN must adhere to an operations manual that specifies how they are implementing the tasks in their performance work statement. These operations include quality assurance metrics for scheduling, completion of all components of the examination and testing, notification and counseling about results and providing professional referrals for further evaluation or treatment compliant with program policy and standards of medical practice. The internal provider network is comprised of healthcare providers that have established relationships as internal medical providers with the medical institutions that are managed by each respective CCE.

Wildcard Searches which use a symbol to replace one or multiple characters in a searched term, Fuzzy Searches to search for terms with similar spelling, and Proximity Searches to find searched terms within a specific distance may all be conducted during a simple or advanced search of the Manual. Entries that were previously acceptable in one class may be reclassified over time. The original acceptable class remains valid for all trademark applications filed before the Effective Date of reclassification/transfer. The “Version History” displayed in an individual record will show prior classification under prior editions/versions of the NCL. To exclude a particular status from the search results, ensure that the box next to that status is unchecked.