LH Crypto Broker Overview

LH Crypto Broker Overview

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As the name suggests, LH Crypto prioritizes cryptocurrency as its main service among other financial solutions that it offers. It stands as the first ever cryptocurrency brokerage firm that made virtual coin trading and foreign exchange investment closer to the public. What made this company the best option is its experience, constant innovation, and impalpable reputation of providing the most favorable conditions. All these things are wrapped up into one to render an optimum and flawless trading experience. 

While it is true that LH Crypto is a credible crypto broker, a click or two on the internet will still bear negative reviews. Clients have resorted to voicing out their sentiments about wiped-out accounts and slow turnarounds. To clarify these issues, a thorough review is necessary. This review is being done  with the intention of helping interested clients assess the credibility and functionality of this broker. 

This article focuses on LH Crypto’s background, legitimacy, and services. To know more about this cryptocurrency broker, opt in reading through the whole review. 


LH Crypto fused both cryptocurrency and forex together. The platform was developed by Larson and Holz, an international foreign exchange broker that started operating back in 2004. The company is headquartered at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Majuro, Marshall Islands. 

What revolutionary about this platform is it functions both as a cryptocurrency exchange and a foreign exchange broker. This means that clients can avail the services of both in one platform. This unique feature is made available to global clients and according to the company’s recent count, it has a total of 12,000 investors from more than 50 countries. 

Clients do not have to worry about platform malfunctions since LH Crypto has a strong and secured system. This is mainly from the company’s effort of working with prominent security providers. To note, its system is equipped with multifunctional back office software, CRM for tracking, and an online system for client monitoring. More so, it has an impressive partnership scheme for CPA-Network owners. 

LH Crypto Broker Overview

 Account Types 

LH Crypto likes to keep things simple and straightforward by providing MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader as its platforms. The same goes with account types as it offers three: Starter, Standard, and Professional. 

  • STARTER- Clients are provided desktop and mobile trading, video analysis, and real-time customer support for a minimum deposit of 10 euro. Its leverage for both cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange services ranges from 1:40 up to a maximum of 1:200.  Users are also entitled to a standard commission and a basic “Know your Customer” feature. Note that this limits withdrawal to 300 per day with 1,000 euro fee for every transaction.
  • STANDARD- For a minimum deposit of 500 euro, clients are given access to both desktop and mobile trading, video analysis, and customer support. All features are similar with starter account only that its leverage ranges between 1:100 and 1:500. Clients can withdraw up to 2,000 for 5,000 euro. In addition, a client can enjoy an advanced KYC policy and a 10% discounted commission. 
  • PROFESSIONAL- Clients are required to deposit 10,000 euro to avail this account. Its features and leverage are similar with the starter account. The only difference that the pro account offers is a full KYC, a 30% discount commission, and the privilege to withdraw up to 25,000 for 50,000 euro per day. 

Clients are required to wire their accounts in one of the 12 major cryptocurencies. The chosen cryptocurrency will function as the core method for both deposits and withdrawals. For fiat-based users, they may switch to euro deposits to save themselves from the hassle of conversion.  More so, fiat-based transactions are less complicated since it involves less documents. 

 Withdrawals and Deposits

What’s interesting about this broker is it has an Incognito Option for clients. Cryptocurrency investors located in countries with strong financial regulations may remain anonymous while placing withdrawal and deposit orders. Though this setup is highly beneficial, clients are limited from wider methods of payments. Clients undergoing verification processes may place their financial orders through wider selections including credit cards, bank wires, WebMoney, and Qiwi. 

Withdrawal speed varies on whether clients use automated or manual transaction. The former is much faster and is recommended for anyone who wants to withdraw smaller funds. For the latter, it takes several business days since clients normally withdraw large amounts through this method. 

H2 Conclusion 

One does not have to doubt LH Crypto’s credibility since it is known to operate under a well-established foreign exchange company. It also managed to provide a dual type of service that other brokers have yet to achieve. More than the simplicity and sense of security that it offers, it also holds honesty as its principle, making it the best and the most reliable crypto and forex broker to date.