Keys To Heaven’s Economy

Keys To Heaven’s Economy

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Shawn Bolz’s “Keys to Heaven’s Economy” takes readers on an authentic and spiritual journey that unravels itself toward financial stability and acts as a guide about the role of money and career in an overall Christian setting. Jumping between the earthly and the supernatural, “Keys to Heaven’s Economy,” gives a backdrop of what to expect in the Christian viewpoint of heaven and how it would manage its economy if there were one, backed by readings and citings from the Holy Bible. An interesting read that leaves an impact as well as a fascinating look into the Minister of Finance. 

About the Author

Shawn Bolz authored the bestselling “Translating God: Hearing God’s voice for yourself and the world around you,” “The Throne Room Company,” “Keys to Heaven’s Economy: An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance,” and “The Nonreligious Guide to Dating and Being Single,” and “God Secrets”.

Shawn is also a TV host and guest on various TV shows and has been a minister since 1993, and these days he is well-known for his message on connecting people with who God desires them to be. He has a strong prophetic gift and fresh Biblical perspective to back this up. He founded and still is on the staff of Expression58 in Los Angeles–a mission base and church focused on training and equipping Christians, encouraging the creative arts, and loving people in the entertainment industry and also focusing on issues of extreme poverty.

He is a board member and representative of The Justice Group based in Los Angeles, California, with whom he has worked on social justice issues and missions operations around the world. He and his wife are also the founders of Bolz Ministries–created to inspire and empower God’s love around the world, and iCreate Productions–formed to produce exceptional media that motivates and transforms culture.

Shawn currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife/partner in all things and their two beautiful daughters.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
    • One – Restoring Desolate Inheritance
    • Two – Discovering my Inheritance
    • Three – First Visitation
    • Four – The Open Heaven
    • Five – Second Visitation
    • Six – The Economy of Heaven
    • Seven – The Justice of Heaven
    • Eight – The Treasury of God
    • Nine – The Double-Portion Anointing
    • Ten – Extravagant Giving
    • Eleven – The Doorway of Favor
  • About the Author