Kenshi how to buy a house: How to buy a house in Kenshi




After taking all the necessary precautions, all you have to do is validate your purchase. To do this, simply click on the house and validate in the contextual menu. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to make any desired modifications in your home. Note that there are restrictions on the number of modifications that can be made to a building.


Both have their own benefits, therefore this guide can assist Kenshi players who want to pursue either. When I start a new game, I mine some copper, pay 10.000$ to the shinobi thieves to get access to beds + merchants + protection + training dummies. Once I have enough recruits, I buy a destroyed house in the Hub , repair it, build a research table and 2 torch posts, that’s all. One day, I wish to find a nice, fertile place to set up a farm and grow crops to feed and foster a clan of my own.

A small shack costs 5 Building Materials, which can be purchased at local stores for around 108 Cats each. Since Kenshi is one of the longest open world games out there, getting a shelter will inevitably become essential. Building a shelter is a cheaper option, but one with an extra layer of danger ,because it puts players outside the range of NPC guards. Building a house in Kenshi requires players to travel far outside a town.


There are some Towns which are not creating enough Power to meet the demands of their inhabitants. If this occurs, the town will actually siphon off any power which your buildings create. If players are planning on starting up a mining operation, they should make sure that there’s a good supply of Iron and/or Copper nearby. Kenshi immerses players in a post-apocalyptic open environment with no pre-determined plot. Because of this flexibility, players can do a lot with the harsh environment that the game presents them with. However, depending on how the game begins, players may rapidly find themselves in need of a safe haven.

players can build

Money is not a concern later in the game and in the early game buying even a Shack is a good investment. You can buy as many buildings as you can afford in as many towns as you wish, so there’s no big reason not to do just that. Do note that things you build in these buildings may require power.

The first step in this process is making sure that there are houses available for purchase in the first place. Left-clicking a structure will bring up that building’s information in the bottom left of the screen. This box will include information on if the space is public, whether it is for sale, and if so, the price required to purchase it. In Kenshi, players must go outside of a town to build a residence. To begin, click the proper button on the bottom right of the screen to bring up the construction menu. The construction options will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

Inside the city, you may come across buildings for sale in this virtual world. The Kenshi game contains a very wide variety of buildings. To find out if the building in question is for sale or not, you have to click above it or read the information directly. Information on the building mainly concerns its characteristics and price. However, not all buildings are for sale in the game. If you are a regular, you may notice that most of these buildings are not purchasable.

Why buy a house in town?

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Once bought the player-owned buildings in town cannot be sold. Purchasing a house with Kenshi’s in game currency Cats might be the quickest choice for a rapid shelter. The initial stage in this procedure is to ensure that residences are available for buying. When you left-click a structure, the information for that structure will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. This box will contain information on whether the area is open.

The price of the building will only depend on what type of building it is. For example the Old Storm House as seen in the image above, will cost 16,000 cats to purchase. There are smaller buildings available to start with costing somewhere from 4,000 to 5,000 cats. In this atmosphere, players have to buy or build some shelter to ease the stress of making Kenshi’s steampunk world their new home. Within towns, players have the option to buy structures to fill this need while, out in the open, players can build themselves one. Both have their own advantages, so for Kenshi players looking to do either, this guide is here to help.

Shelter is essential in a survival game like Kenshi. Players can choose to buy a house or build one, and each option has pros and cons. In this environment, players must purchase or construct shelter to relieve the tension of settling into Kenshi’s steampunk universe. Players can purchase structures to meet this requirement . In towns but they can also build one themselves out in the open.

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Click on the building itself to check how many Building Materials it requires to repair. Once you own a building in town you will be able to walk inside it. You can lock or unlock the doors by using the right click menu on the doors. I once set up a small house near a hive village where I made a ton of money poaching pelts from dead beak things that the locals would often kill, and life was good for awhile.. Until bandits showed up demanding I pay them tribute every 2 days or get beat up. I could easily make the money for the most part, but at the same time, I knew I couldn’t stay there forever, so I had to trash everything and return to drifting.

Game Rant

After you have completed your own outpost then houses in city won’t be worth it. Same thing with outpost so always have at least a character present at your properties if you wanna to keep them. To start the repair process, players will need to right-click-hold on the building. In the right-click menu, pick “Repair”, and all currently selected Player Characters will begin construction.

Rebuilding a Ruined Building

But it adds an added degree of risk by putting players out of range of NPC guards. You can also find buildings in town for sale, despite the fact that they are in a state of ruin. However, you can consider restoring them using building materials that the kenshi game makes available to you.

Good town to buy a house?

Prospecting beforehand is essential as some Zones do not have seasons which include wind. Inside these buildings and on their roofs, you can build any interior type building and some labeled exterior. Having a building in town before building an outpost is great in the early-game because Town Guards will protect against Events. These buildings can be a safe haven for Technology and Crafting research.

Left box and confirming it in the middle of the screen if they have enough in game cash. This will deduct the money from the player, and the house will be theirs to fix and use. Kenshi is a terrible survival game thus starting with a base in a defended place like a town. Building a house is significantly less expensive than purchasing one, but it still require resources. Kenshi is one of the longest open world games available, thus finding a place to stay will definitely become necessary.

First, bring up the building menu by clicking the appropriate button on the bottom right of the screen. This will bring up the building options in the bottom left portion of the screen. A small shack will suffice as a house for players starting out in the game and selecting it will bring the building’s silhouette out. Blue indicates a viable location but one that is too close to a town while a green silhouette means it can be placed in this space. If players have enough in-game currency to purchase the building, they can click the button in that bottom left box and confirm it in the center of the screen.

On the other hand, citizens can also not enter the latter. It is up to you to decide, depending on your need, the nature of the house to buy. There will more often than not, be at least one building for sale in each town.

Considering how dangerous it is to settle out in the big scary world, a part of me figured maybe buying a house in a nice town with reliable guards might do to the trick. On Kenshi, before buying a house, check whether it is private or public. Indeed, if the building is public, the guards will have the latitude to enter it and to conduct patrols on a regular basis. Citizens, too, will have the ease to enter and buy groceries at the counters in the building.