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It is important to research the fund’s objectives, investments, and risks and consult with a financial advisor before investing. OpenAI is a leading AI research lab that provides multiple investment opportunities for those interested in the growth and impact of AI. This company has managed to become the center of attention by offering popular products such as Chat GPT and DALL.E.


These funds are typically managed by investment professionals who have a deep understanding of the AI industry and the potential of OpenAI. They provide a more passive investment opportunity compared to investing directly in OpenAI’s stock or partnerships. Some popular AI funds that focus on OpenAI include the Global AI Fund and the AI Tech Fund. Investing in these partnerships offers exposure to the potential of OpenAI’s technology and its impact on various industries. This type of investment typically takes the form of stock options, joint ventures, or other financial instruments.

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OpenAI is a developer of an artificial intelligence-based research and deployment platform. The company’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. For those seeking direct exposure, be on the lookout for news of an initial public offering . The company is not currently a publicly traded stock; however, if Microsoft does take a large position in the company, investors will be able to gain indirect exposure to OpenAI by purchasing Microsoft shares. Many startup companies give their employees the opportunity to purchase stock options in hopes that they will one day profit.

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When investing in companies that utilize OpenAI’s technology, it is important to consider the company’s financial health, management, and growth prospects, as well as the overall market conditions. You can research these companies by reading financial reports, analyst reports, and news articles, and by consulting with a financial advisor. Once you have been approved, you will have the opportunity to invest in OpenAI’s stock directly. This investment option is ideal for those who are looking to own a piece of the future of AI and who believe in the potential of OpenAI’s technology.

The emerging technology is representative of a niche subsector in the AI industry known as generative AI — systems that can generate text, images or sounds in response to prompts given by users. If they decide to become public via an IPO, we’ll find out the ticker symbol at that time. There’s little information from which to construct an Open AI stock price chart.

OpenAI is a private company, and they may decide to raise capital through late-stage startup investing platforms. Brands, including Airbnb and Robinhood, have done this in the past, although only accredited investors had access and couldn’t sell their shares until after the IPO date. Additionally, the limited information available on these investments can make it difficult to assess their potential for growth. You cannot directly invest in OpenAI as it’s a private company, but individual investors can buy Microsoft stock which is the best way to invest indirectly. Microsoft shares are currently available through the best discount brokers with no trading commissions. Investing in AI funds that focus on OpenAI is a passive investment option, but comes with potential risks like any investment.

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Gives accredited investors access to hundreds of high-growth, VC-backed startups. It is one of the world’s most popular investing platforms with over 28.5 million users. On January 23rd, 2023, Microsoft announced a new multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment with OpenAI. Microsoft declined to provide a specific dollar amount, but rumors indicate Microsoft was in talks to invest as much as $10 billion. Gives accredited investors access to hundreds of private, VC-backed startups before they IPO. The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice.

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If you’re new to investing or don’t want to spend all day reading the headlines,’s Emerging Tech Kit lets you harness the power of AI to invest in this growing sector. This innovative Investment Kit balances diversified investments in leading tech ETFs and stocks. However, in January, Microsoft announced a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, and GPT-3 is licensed exclusively to them. Microsoft is expected to incorporate the chatbot into its search engine, Bing, a competitor to Google’s search engine. Savvy investors may want to invest in Microsoft to gain indirect exposure to OpenAI and their technology.

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While most companies specializing in generative AI remain in the venture capital stage, there are plenty of AI stocks for those interested in the space. INN’s article 5 Canadian Artificial Intelligence Stocks includes some examples. It seems the tech giant is hopeful advancements in generative AI may have the potential to increase revenues for its Azure cloud computing business as OpenAI officially licensed its technologies to Microsoft in 2020. Indeed, Pitchbook has described the deal as an “unprecedented milestone” for generative AI technology. WallStreetZen does not provide financial advice and does not issue recommendations or offers to buy stock or sell any security.

In essence, users felt as if they were having a conversation with a real human being. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has stoked investor interest in generative artificial intelligence technology. They invested $1 billion in 2019, and GPT-3 is licensed exclusively to them. However, not enough financial data has been released to create an Open AI stock price chart. There are publicly-traded companies that collaborate with Open AI, and even a few that have invested in them during early funding rounds.

OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI research and development has a significant impact on the AI industry, and many companies are incorporating its technology into their products and services. Investing in these companies provides exposure to the growth of AI and the potential of OpenAI’s technology. Another way to invest in OpenAI is by investing in AI funds that focus on the company’s research and development.

Find out how Equitybee solves the problem by connecting startup employees with accredited investors to help them purchase their stock options. DSO is a way for investors to directly own a piece of OpenAI’s stock by qualifying through an application process and providing financial and investment information. This stock is not traded on a traditional exchange and is subject to risk and fluctuations in value. For example, the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF and the T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund are popular AI-related ETFs and mutual funds.

Our investment strategies, which we call “Investment Kits,” help investors manage risk and maximize returns by utilizing AI to identify trends and predict changes in the market. Invest in up to 20 stocks and ETFs by adding a single Kit to your portfolio. Our AI will rebalance your investments on a weekly basis to optimize performance.

AI might be the most impactful technology of the decade, and it’s reshaping business practices in many industries. Investing in OpenAI’s partnerships provides exposure to the potential of OpenAI’s technology and its impact on various industries. This can be done through stock options, joint ventures, or other financial instruments. Though the company is currently private and not offering shares to the public, there are other ways to invest in AI and related tech companies. Taking advantage of these opportunities could prove lucrative for your portfolio.

The Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF invests in companies that are involved in the development and production of robotics and AI technologies, while the T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund invests in technology companies that are driving innovation and growth in the tech industry. The public launch of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI have put the company in the headlines for months. As a result, many people wonder if they can invest in artificial intelligence and OpenAI.