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CXI owns and operates more than 30 branch locations across the United States and offers online foreign currency ordering through its website. The dollar to euro exchange rate is better online and give you more euros for your US dollars. You can reserve your order, pick it up in a store or even have it delivered to your door. Souvenirs, delicious grub and glasses of local wine cost money.


If you intend to use ATMs in Europe, notify your bank in your home country before leaving. If not, your bank may interpret the financial transactions in Europe as fraudulent activity or identity theft. Monito’s experts spend hours researching and testing services so that you don’t have to. ⁴ On-time payment history can have a positive impact on your credit score. The Balance uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

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I’ve yet to see a European airport that didn’t have plenty of ATMs. Since busy airports are host to thousands of passengers from around the world every day, they will usually have their own currency exchange booths and kiosks. Any of these will be happy to convert your cash into Euros — whether you’re in your home country or the Eurozone.You may want to avoid this option if you have other choices available. While airport exchanges are convenient, according to some sources, they often have some of the least-favorable exchange rates. Often the exchange rates are on a board facing the front of the shop, so finding the USD to EUR rate is easy.

Keep in mind that this method requires you to pay attention to banking hours, which can fluctuate based on European bank holidays. Foreign exchange services, banks, and credit unions markup their rates without a transparent schedule. You will lose money if you present your US dollars to either a US bank or to a European one. The best way to ensure you get the best deal for your exchange is to check the mid-market exchange rate, which is the one you see on Google or Unless you have a multi-currency card such as the Wise card, it’s a good idea to buy your foreign currency before you travel. This is because it can be very expensive to change currency at airports and hotels, where you’ll often get poor exchange rates and pay high fees.


Half of his victims caught him and got their correct change with apologies. Overall, about 25 percent didn’t notice and probably went home saying, “Mamma mia, Italy is really expensive.” You don’t need to constantly consult a currency converter. While you can do real-time conversion with an app, I’ve never bothered. Investors may, however, be interested in purchasing currency to hedge out currency risk or place bets on a currency’s rise or fall.

There are a hundred “little ones” in every “big one” (euro, pound, złoty, lev). Only the names have been changed — to confuse the tourist. Examine the coins in your pocket soon after you arrive, and in two minutes you’ll be comfortable with the nickels, dimes, and quarters of each new currency. Note that the hours of operation for banks in Europe can be different than they are abroad. Banking holidays will also vary from country to country.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission additionally warns against so-called “forex” investment opportunities. In these schemes, unwitting investors are tricked into buying large amounts of foreign currency with promises of “high returns coupled with low risks.” If you have enough time left before your trip to be able to receive mail, you may be able to order Euros online. We compare currency exchange and money transfer services in over 200 countries worldwide. We only display reputable companies which we have researched and approved. The information supplied on this site does not constitute financial advice.

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Wise and Revolut are among the best in their industry and are both available to customers in the United States. The foreign exchange market offers you a way to purchase euros with leverage not available in standard foreign bank accounts. With a deposit as low as $500, you can buy currencies with margin levels that range from 50 to 1 to more than 10,000 to 1. This greater leverage also translates to increased volatility and risk of loss. If you need euros in cash for your travels, Monito recommends that you withdraw cash from an ATM in Europe. The exchange rate margins will almost certainly be smaller, and the cash withdrawal fee charged by the ATM should amount to a minor inconvenience of €2 to €5.

Buying euros online for home delivery is easy with CXI. Select from more than 90 foreign currencies and receive it as soon as next day. It converts your US dollars to Euros whenever you spend, using the mid-market exchange rate. One of the largest and most popular places to buy travel money in the US is Currency Exchange International . You can order over 90 currencies online, including Euros. CXI also has around 30 branches in major cities across the US⁴.

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You usually may also pick your order up at a currency exchange location. Note that airports that don’t receive a great deal of international traffic may not have their own exchanges. The problem is, it can be a hard to find them outside of the city and they regularly run out of less common currencies. Exchange rates and fees aren’t displayed online, so you’ll need to sign up with CXI to find these out.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Europe?

Brokers in these markets are also unregulated in many cases. This makes conducting due diligence on a broker very important before participating in the market. This is significantly higher than many conventional equity ETFs. These fees can be more impactful over the long term if the ETFs are used as a hedge. Perhaps more than any other region in the world, Europe has transitioned to cashless payment systems.

The Best Way to Get Euros Before Your Trip

Ideally, if you’re in a non-euro country for more than a few hours, head to the ATM and use local currency instead. Debit cards that charge no foreign transaction fees are by far the cheapest ways to spend while you travel. While preparing for a vacation in Europe, many travellers enjoy holding cash euros in hand while in the United States prior to their flight. Just like banks, these may not offer the best exchange rates. However, they could be a decent option if you’re in a hurry and need a quick, convenient way to get hold of travel money. Avoid cash exchange.In general, I avoid exchanging money in Europe; it’s a big rip-off.

You will need to be a bank customer already and can order euros online easily. It’s free to open a Wise account, with a one time fee of 9 USD for the Wise debit card. Switching from USD to EUR costs just 0.42% with Wise – making this by far one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on travel money for Europe. High street banks allow you to exchange old currencies for euro during the dual circulation period, and sometimes longer. There can be time limits, and charges may apply after these expire. Restrictions may also apply on the amounts that you can exchange.

Plus, the exchange rate that Visa and MasterCard uses is much stronger than the rate that a US bank or credit union will give you. The live rate you see on Google or is the one you get with Wise. An industry-low commission fee will range from 0.35% to 2.85%. The Wise travel money card is likely to get you a better euro exchange rate and lower fees compared to your bank.

On average, at a bank you lose about 8 percent when you change dollars to euros or another foreign currency. When you use an airport currency exchange booth such as Forex or Travelex, the hit can be as much as 15 percent. Believe it or not, many European post offices will have small “mini-banks” inside that will be able to change your money from your home country’s currency to euros. Not all post offices will have these mini-banks, but the ones that do are claimed to have some of the best exchange rates available. If you want to get money before you leave, you can buy Euros from a bank in the United States.