Get Backed

Get Backed: Craft Your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of Your Dreams

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Get Backed: Craft Your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of Your Dreams


Technically, the initial question that comes along with the dream of building a business is how to begin. With Get Backed, one will not only be introduced to fundamentals of fundraising, proper management, and relationship building are also taught for business to become possible. 

Evan Loomis and Evan Baehr have previously raised a total of $45 million in just three years for their business. The book was purely written out of Loomis and Baehr’s intention of providing insights about how they’ve raised a big amount of money. It does not only accounts for their experiences; it also presents other testimonies people with successful fundraising backgrounds. Instead of giving a narrative about success in fundraising, the authors developed a discourse from which mistakes are highlighted so as to remind readers of what to avoid during the process. What’s laudable about this book is how it comprehensively presents the discussion of “the friendship loop,” a systematic process ideal for network expansion and link development with possible investors and cofounders. In addition to this, helpful guides on pitch deck creation were thoroughly discussed, rooted from 15 ventures that have raised millions of dollars. 

The book provides a comprehensive rundown of the following:

  • The original frameworks and fundraising structure utilized by 15 ventures that had gained $150 million dollars
  • Email templates ideal to land one a meeting with investors, venture capitalists, and possible board members
  • A thorough discussion of 10 necessary pitch deck slides, how to produce them, and questions that may arise during the presentation
  • An overview that taps five primary funding sources for newbies, advantages, and setbacks, and the key people
  • A tutorial on how to create visually-appealing slides and presentations that have enough balance of professionalism and creativity
  • Templates and scripts of stories that every fundraiser must know how to deliver
  • The commendable story of a fundraiser who landed a partnership with Fred Anderson, Bono, and Peter Thiel with few resources available. 


Evan Baehr is the associate founder of the company called Able, a technology and lending company that renders service for small businesses across the United States. He previously worked at the White House with backgrounds in hedge funds, and after which became an employee of Facebook. He holds a degree from Princeton, Yale, and Harvard Business School.

Evan Loomis, the co-author of Get Backed, has records of lending a hand for newbies wanting to start and raise capital. He welcomes apprenticeship through the firm, Techstars, and Praxis. He directs the Corporate Strategy department at Corinthian Health Services and one of the founding fathers of Tradecraft, a consultancy firm for developed businesses.