Essentials of Health Care Finance

Essentials of Health Care Finance

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This book is the most authoritative book on financial decision-making with regard to the health industry. It delves into finance theory and how it’s applied in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing facilities. 

The complexities of the health care system in the United System makes the traditional approach inefficient. The advantage of this book is that it also discusses accounting, economics, and other financial topics in the context of the health care industry.

As the eighth edition of the original book, this includes a far wider coverage and provides the latest real-world financial problems. The downside of this edition is that information seems to come and go simply, without a particular emphasis on it. The reader could drown in facts and statistics, but this book is not the most authoritative text on correct data. 

Although the book does a good job of clearing up the complexities of healthcare finance topics, other books have done it better. Additionally, this book is not for readers who do not have prior knowledge of finance. Too many financial terms and jargon are included in the book, without having been properly explained. 

About the Authors

WILLIAM O. CLEVERLEY is the chairman of Cleverley &Associates, which he founded in 2000. Previously, he was president and founder of CHIPS (Center for Healthcare Industry Performance Studies). He is professor emeritus at The Ohio State University and taught courses on healthcare finance. 

JAMES O. CLEVERLEY is the president of Cleverley &Associates. He is the author of more than fifty books and articles on healthcare financial analysis and application. He received his master of health administration from The Ohio State University. 

Table of Contents


Content of the Book

About the Authors


Chapter 1 Financial Information and the Decision-Making Process 

Chapter 2 Billing and Coding for Health Services

Chapter 3 Financial Environment of Healthcare Organizations

Chapter 4 Legal and Regulatory Environment

Chapter 5 Measuring Community Benefit

Chapter 6 Revenue Determination

Chapter 7 Health Insurance and Managed Care

Chapter 8 General Principles of Accounting

Chapter 9 Financial Statements

Chapter 10 Accounting for Inflation

Chapter 11 Analyzing Financial Position

Chapter 12 Financial Analysis of Alternative Healthcare Firms

Chapter 13 Strategic Financial Planning

Chapter 14 Cost Concepts and Decision Making

Chapter 15 Product Costing

Chapter 16 The Management Control Process

Chapter 17 Cost Variance Analysis

Chapter 18 Financial Mathematics

Chapter 19 Capital Project Analysis

Chapter 20 Consolidations and Mergers

Chapter 21 Capital Formation

Chapter 22 Working Capital and Cash Management

Chapter 23 Developing the Cash Budget