Dukascopy Review- A Reliable and Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm

Dukascopy Review- A Reliable and Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm

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Dukascopy is known within the financial industry as a liquidity provider and an investment company. It took the company six years to completely develop the platform, and it made its commercial debut in 2004. It has expanded into one of the world’s renowned traders, with three well-regulated branches operating under its name, each of which is backed with more than a decade of financial experience. Dukascopy came to be the pioneer in Switzerland to ever release its own crypto, Dukascoin. This breakthrough could be owed heavily to the company’s consistent collaborative efforts, convergence of cutting-edge technology, and consistent creativity.

Dukascopy Review- A Reliable and Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm

Dukascopy Offerings  

Dukascopy offers three different categories of accounts. It has Forex, CFDs, and binary options accounts. Despite the fact that these three trade systems require varying conditions, the accounts available are identical. Clients may freely pick between MT4 and JForex, the former being a third-party system and the latter that stands as the company’s own proprietary platform. 

If we equate the accounts provided by Dukascopy to those offered by its European affiliate, it can be noted that see that the former is more expensive ($1,000 vs. $100). However, this is not the case in terms of leverage, since the European subsidiary adheres to the EU law of no more than 1:30 leverage. Gold, multi-currency, and swap-free Islamic accounts are all open for those who want to engage in other trading structures. 

Clients may freely choose between the MT4 and JForex platforms to connect to Dukascopy’s extensive asset portfolio. The range of currency pairs, commodities, and CFDs for equities, and indices is extensive and above industry standards. With its impressive asset selection, clients have the luxury of upgrading their portfolios from a set of virtual currencies, shares, exchange-traded funds, and binary options.

Clients are also offered a higher margin of profit and the potential to generate their portfolio with this impressive collection of tradable assets. Finally, the above financial instruments are suitable for all kinds of traders, including institutional traders and independent asset management companies.

Research and Education 

While most brokerage firms have an education and analysis section, Dukascopy stands out mainly from the consistency of its services. Clients may fully benefit from educational materials, such as trade-related articles and visuals, which enable a holistic learning experience. The website has a special feature called Trading Ideas that makes research easier. This displays all of the requisite testing resources, while Dukascopy TV provides a steady stream of industry news for additional and substantial market insights. 

The JStore is perhaps the section’s most excellent feature. It’s a separate but charge-free website where all of the digital trading strategies and add-ons are stored. Clients may also take advantage of video guides that include investing fundamentals, technical know-hows, and other resources provided by the bank. To summarize, webinars are advantageous for those who need educational reinforcement.

Dukascopy Review- A Reliable and Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm

Salient Features 

Charting- The platform’s charting tools are versatile, with many flexible buttons and notifications that can be applied instantly across different networks. Charting works well and has a lot of features, including a wide array of technical metrics, which is more than the market norm for mobile trading.

Multiple Order Types- The level-two quotes and other similar order forms that are available while placing a trade are also strong points in Dukascopy’s mobile counterpart.  Clients are given adequate strategic options, and all of these are presented comprehensively on the platform’s intuitive interface.

Customer Assistance- Dukacopy’s customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is also trader-focused, as shown by the availability of 12 different languages. Clients in need of immediate assistance may uitlize the Live Chat tool, which can be found at the bottom-right corner of the company’s website. Additional channels of communication include a telephone line and an email address.

Get Involved 

Dukascopy is one of the choices to explore if you’re looking for a financial platform with reasonable rates, a large range of investments, and, most significantly, high level of security. Clients are also ensured that all transactions are secure as the company ever upholds its trader-centered objectives. While it has its own set of disadvantages, its unique conditions heavily compensates for these setbacks.  In conclusion, Dukascopy’s legitimate services and reputable history are guaranteed to provide an encompassing trading environment geared towards profitability.