Is Kraken a Safe Exchange?

Is Kraken a Safe Exchange?

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So what makes a legitimate Cryptocurrency broker? Is it the many positive reviews? Its online reputation? Because if this is the case, Kraken is failing miserably. But lo, we all know that not all that not everything on the internet is true. The best that we can do is practice critical thinking and actually try the product for ourselves. And …


Is Forex Broker DowMarkets scam or not?

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Users often ask why forex is a scam. Choosing a broker is a very responsible event. The conclusion of all transactions in the Forex market is done through an intermediary, which is why your success in the market depends on the correct choice of a stockbroker. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of an intermediary, it …


LexaTrade Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

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Trading itself is a very risky kind of activity. Moreover, when you bump into many scams and start thinking, “Oh, why forex is a scam?” it is hard to trust any broker. Today we are going to do a LexaTrade review and see whether this is another scam or truly a legit broker. Legal Documentation The login page has …

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XTB Preview

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XTB is a multi-asset brokerage firm and is regulated by several regulatory bodies across the globe. XTB is known as a competitive, holistic, brokerage service provider. Its patented xStation platform suite, along with its excellent customer care accounts for positive trading experience for traders using XTB.  This writing serves as a review to bust any claim about XTB broker scam …


What is eToro?

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eToro is a popular Israeli finance technology startup mainly seen as a social trading Forex and CFDs broker. It was first established in 2007.  eToro currently provides service to UK clients and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The broker also caters Australians under the regulations of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (CySec). For other customers around …


Cryptocurrency Brokers

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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured through the use of cryptography which makes it near impossible to counterfeit. They consist of systems that allow for the secure payments of online transactions that are denominated in terms of a virtual “coin” or “token.” The first of its kind to capture the public imagination was Bitcoin and made its appearance in 2009 …