2021 Review- A Reliable Online Trading Platform 2021 Review- A Reliable Online Trading Platform

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As the name suggests, is a trading platform dedicated mainly for binary options. It was initially introduced as by Regents Market Group, and it was only in 2013 that it was rebranded into its current name. While it is primarily designed for binary trading, other financial markets may be accessed including foreign exchange and contract for difference. 

It operates from its headquarter in Malta, with over one million subscription recorded at the time of writing. To facilitate its ever-growing market visibility, it then established leg offices in Japan and Malaysia. Its tight market momentum can be attributed mainly to the company’s excellent asset selection, which may be enjoyed through the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5. 

As for its regulatory oversight, this broker is well-regulated by several financial authorities. The registration and membership of the company under these entities made the platform more reliable through policy compliance and periodical inspections. More so, its services are heavily commended within the industry, with various awards given as attestations to its optimum and state-of-the-art financial solutions. 2021 Review- A Reliable Online Trading Platform

 Platform Selection 

  Far from the usual selection within the industry, this company has six platform types at its disposal. These are divided into two major categories, according to the level of mastery that its clients have. The first division is the basic category comprised of a proprietary platform and a Tick Trader application. The second division appeals to those with more trading experience and is composed of the MT4, MT5, WebTrader, Next-Gen, and Bot platforms.

These platforms are specifically engineered to cater the needs of all traders, with unique features integrated to ensure efficiency is met. More impressively, this firm made it a point to provide a mobile counterpart. Compatibility would not come as an issue as it is supported in multiple operating systems. More so, all the web features are wired into one single application, making it effective and convenient for every trader’s schedule and trading structure. 2021 Review- A Reliable Online Trading Platform

 Account Selection’s account selection may be insufficient for those in need of larger choices. It has two account types available, in which the first type is called the Virtual account. This is a demo account used for mock trading. Compared to the usual trial account that other brokers offer, it comes with a preloaded balance worth $10,000. The second type is called the Standard account, where the actual trading is conducted. These two accounts work in a tiered structure, and switching from the Virtual account to the Standard type is made easy with just one click. 

Salient Features 

Competitive Prices- is one of the few brokers in the financial arena that offers pocket-friendly rates. Rapid return of investment is also guaranteed as it integrates a unique pricing technology that allows the same rates provided by the interbank markets and institutions. 

Trade Flexibility- One of the interesting feature that this financial institution offers is its flexible trading system. With this, clients are able to set their own benchmarks, rates, and conditions. It also allows a highly customizable payout, which may be set from as low as a dollar to as large as 50 USD. 

Risk Management- This broker has a strong risk management feature, which grants clients the ability to gauge and minimize the level of financial threats innate in trading. For example, clients may keep or even boost their funds by closing trades before it even expires. 

Legitimacy- With multiple financial authorities regulating this brokerage firm, funds are secured and protected. Even though some of these are gaming authorities, this brokerage is part of a larger conglomerate that is regulated by the world’s tightest financial authorities. 

Bot Interface- This is just one of the many features that provide advantages. With the help of this, clients are able to develop an automated avatar or robot that places trades, review analytics, and conduct analyses according to the users’ set schedule. Technically made for those who prefer lesser screen time, this will be of great help as it reduces the need to stay in front of the computer for manual review of data.  

 Get Involved with has its own set of strong points as well as a number disadvantages. It’=s wide selection of platform is one to be commended, while the inadequacy of its account types comes unfavorable for some. But this minimal setback is heavily compensated by some of the platform’s revolutionary featured such as its excellent risk management and a customizable robot that automatically executes trading orders. These, among other things, make this financial institution a good brokerage firm.