Understanding Ripple

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Found in 2012 by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb, ripple is a technological domain for digital payment network managing financial transactions and it has its crypto coin labeled as XRP. Since its inception, Ripple has become the third-largest crypto coin right behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple works on a public and decentralized system that performs a smooth money transfer in …


What is Ethereum?

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One of the most popular blockchain tokens in the cryptocurrency market is ether as it recorded a hit value of $16.34 billion. Such value cemented ether’s worth and was deemed as third renowned cryptocurrency next to bitcoin  and ripple with $92.50 billion and $29.35 billion respective market price.  Ethereum Network’s integration of digital token to facilitate its system is viewed …

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Blockchain is a time imprinted strings of unchangeable information that is transferred across networks of computers managed and regulated by large group of users. A single information is encapsulated within a block encrypted with unique and complex codes to be added to an existing series of blocks through cryptographic functions thus blockchain.  Blockchain technology transactions are free of transaction costs …


Best 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in the 4th quarter of 2019

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The online financial markets are replete with long-existing digital money as well as fast-rising digital currencies as blockchain technology started to operate the crypto market. With the year now on its last quarter leaf, it is high time to determine the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Despite the bearish market persisting all year long, Bitcoin, along with other digital coins, …


Forex Basic Vocabulary for Beginners

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While already a cliché, the aphorism, “Knowledge is Power” is more than relevant across all fields and disciplines. The Forex trading industry is no exemption. It is a must that every trader be well-equipped with the right Forex vocabulary if he or she wants to excel make advancements within the trading industry. Knowing and being able to use Forex vocabulary …

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

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With cryptocurrencies turning out to be a significant force in the investment world, it further developed into a massive trend with the potential for investors to profit. One of the most popular ways of buying and selling digital assets is through the use of a cryptocurrency exchange platform.  Crypto exchanges are online platforms that allow you to exchange digital assets …